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Apple ürünlerinin tamiri konusunda özel servis olarak hizmet veren firmamız Türkiye’nin her yerine hizmet vermektedir.  Apple cihazınızı bize Türkiye’nin her yerinden Aras kargo ile ücretsiz göderebilir veya iphone’unuzu bize elden teslim edebilirsiniz. Siz cihazınızın onarılmasını beklerken bu sırada demleme çayınızı içebilirsiniz teknik servisimizde her daim demleme çay mevcuttur  Iphone servisi konusunda alanlarında uzman teknikerlerimiz tarafından cihazınızın/cihazlarınızın işlemleri ESD tabanlı teknik servisimizde yapılmaktadır.

Iphone servis hizmetini Türkiye’nin her yerine Aras kargo ile Ücretsiz gönderim hizmeti sağlamak ile birlikte şimdilik İstanbul bölgesi için Motor kurye ile kapınızdan teslim alarak en kısa sürede cihazınızın onarımını gerçekleştirip iphone’unuzu  ayağınıza kadar getiriyoruz. 

Apple iphone ürünlerinin servisi konusunda yapılan tüm işlemler için(Yazılım hariç) minimum 3 ay garanti verilmektedir. İphone’unuzda garanti süresi değiştirilen, onarılan ve yapılan işleme göre değişiklik göstermektedir. İphone servisi olarak hizmet veren firmamız iphone ürünlerinin tamamına hizmet vermektedir. 

Bireysel kullanıcılar ve Kurumsal firmalar için iphone servis hizmeti vermektedir.

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Macbook pro kullanıyorum ve bugün macbook'un üzerine çay döküldü ve bilgisayarı hemen kapattım fakat bir bardak dolusu çay klavye üzerine döküldü ve cihaz dondu. Macbook pro mid 2016 kullanıyorum ve cihazın garantisi bitti. Sıvı temizliği yapabilir misiniz? Bilgisayarım ne kadara tamir olur? Ataşehir'de macbook tamir servisi konusunda önerebileceğiniz bir firma var mı?

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Xiamen Golden Age Jinxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. to OEM business, with a complete and scientific quality management system, in strict accordance with customer demand for production and processing. We adhere to the "people-oriented, science and technology as the first, scientific management, quality win" principle. Good quality and price so that we in the market is a good reputation and credibility.
We mainly provide high-quality bolts, nuts, screws, stamping parts and non-standard fasteners for construction fasteners according to GB, DIN, ISO, ANSI / ASTM / SAE / IFI, AS, BS, UNI, JIS. Mainly used in construction steel, bridges, oil pipelines, machinery and equipment, furniture, ships, railways, and exports to Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and other places.
We focus on the manufacture of screws, we are committed to meet customer requirements for customers to solve problems for customers to create value. We promise that no matter what we do, we always adhere to the "Xiamen Spirit Jinxing for customers to create value, high quality, best quality service" spirit. We will be happy to provide our clients with quality products and improve the sales service. Sincerely hope to become your business trusted partner, we warmly welcome all the friends come to visit, guidance and business negotiations, welcome to China!
Xiamen Shengshi Jinxing Import & Export Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city - Xiamen, is one of the world's leading Chinese fastener production and export base. My company specializes in producing all kinds of fasteners, the monthly production capacity of 500 tons, annual sales of more than 400 million.
Bolts, nuts, screws, stamping parts and non-standard fasteners
Construction steel structures, bridges, oil pipelines, machinery and equipment, furniture, ships, railways
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Europe, Australia, North America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia
In addition to the existing molding products, but also according to the customer's drawings or samples produced. We strictly control the quality of the product from every step of the system.
  wholesale High Precision Stamped Metal Parts

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Football stuffed rag doll for toys have five colors and patterns, including blue and hot red,green,hot red and green,white,hot red and black for clothes. The hair including hot red and black,green and yellow,hot red and green,hot red and black.
Environmental protection soft material is stuffed in rag dolls. It is the first important.
This football doll originated in the World Cup,any doll symbolizes a football sportman.The color of your hair can be changed to your like colour.
Suitable for children over 3 years old. Less than 3 years of age, need to be used under adult supervision.
The little boy has the toys,it’s be happy everyday. bulk Football Rag Doll

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Product Introduction
After quenching and tempering at low temperature, 20CrNi3 has good comprehensive mechanical properties and low temperature impact toughness. This steel has the tendency of white spot sensitivity and tempering brittleness at high temperature. Quenching to martensite hardness, when oil quenching hardening Φ 50 ~ 70 mm. Good machinability and moderate weldability.
Chemical composition
Heat treatment
quenching℃quenching mediumtempering℃Hardness
830Oil and water480
water/air cooling241
mechanical property
strength of extension
σb/ MPayield strength
δ/5 %percentage of contraction
ψ/%impact absorbing energy
αkv /J
Product Application
20CrNi3 is mainly used for manufacturing gears, shafts, worm and screws, double-headed bolts, pins and so on that work under high load conditions.
The last but not least
My company can offer 20CrNi3 Structural Alloy Steel Pipe/Tube, Bar/Rod ,Plate/Sheet, Coil.Structural Alloy Steel

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Nylon Taffeta
Havesino No.DescriptionProduct TypeColorEdgeCutCoatingFeatures
NTE030TEconomic Ribbon with perfect qualityNylon TaffetaWhiteSlitCoolDoubleGood TTR Printing,    and R/S/L/H
NTH503Enviroment FriendlyNylon TaffetaWhiteSlitCoolDoubleEuropean Standard,Good TTR Printing and R/S/L/H
NTL703Thicken Luxury
Nylon TaffetaWhiteSlitCoolDoubleLuxury Nylon, Good R/S/L/H/T
R=Rotary  S=Silk Screen L=Letter Press  H=Hot Stamping  T=TTR Printing
Both Jumbo Roll and Slitted Roll are availabel.China Nylon Ribbon

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Frozen Barrier Cook-in Shrink Pouches
Barrier shrink bags
Hawking manufactures barrier shrink bags,the pvdc/pe shrink bag which the barrier layer is pvdc resin,it is a multilayer coextrusion material,which is applied to a range of products (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish,mutton,etc.),these bags will ensure your product keep longer shelf-life and safety.
pvdc/pe food barrier shrink film (bag)
1) thickness:50-100um
2) length:100mm-1500m
3) width:180-450mm
4) high shrinking rate:40%-45%
1. physical property parameter
(1)otr:  less than 20cm3/m2.24h.1atm.23.65%rh           gb/t1038-2000
(2)wvtr: less than 6g/m2.24h.1atm.23.90%rh              gb/t1037-1988
(3)tensile strength :md50mpa,td30mpa;                   gb/t13022-1991
(4)elongation at break:md/td 110%;                      gb/t13022-1991
(5)hot water shrink rate:md40%,td40%;                   (90 water ,5 seconds)
(6)heat-sealing strength:15n/15mm.                      qb/t2358-1998(sample:straight line end sealed)

2. appearance parameter
((1)crystal point, carbon point: a small amount can be allowed, at most 2 carbon-points per 1m length.
(2)scratch, bubble, dirt,stain can be allowed,but pvdc material itself sour taste and ozone smell generates while deal with radiation crosslinking.
(3)sealing parts, non-virtual sealing phenomenon.
(4)wrinkle: a slight intermittent wrinkles can be allowed.

3. advantages:
1) high oxygen barrier, slow germs breed, protect inside fresh meat to be oxidized to go rotten.
2) high moisture barrier, keep fresh meat water inside, reduce the fresh meat to lose the weight in store or conveyance.
3) high shrinking rate: make the bag cling with the fleshy surface and let it have a nice appearance.
4) high odor barrier, maintain the original flavor
5) irradiated film,it has higher tensile strength, puncture strength and abrasion resistance...etc. its property is more than twice than no irradiated film
6) wide range of shrink bags specification:                                                                
(1) thickness : 50-100um
(2) length:    100mm-1500m;     length discrepancy:
(3) width : 180mm-450mm;        width discrepancy:
7) shape of sealed : straight line end sealed, curve end sealed , flank sealed.
material: pvdc/peindustrial use: fooduse: fresh meats package
feature: barriersurface handling: can printedsealing & handle: heat seal
custom order: acceptplace of origin: china (mainland)brand name: no
model number: 50um-100umplastic type: pe/pebag type: shrink bag
high shrinking rate: 40%-45%type: film/bag
Storage condition
Consist of plastic raw material,easy to burn with harmful gases,please keep under 5~35℃ with dry storage condition,far away at least 1 meter direct heat source.
Frozen/breath shrink bags
Hawking manufactures multi-layer co-extruded frozen/breath shrink bags, applied to a range of products (fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish,mutton,etc.),these bags will ensure your product keep longer shelf-life and safety.
Benefits of the frozen/breath shrink bags:
keeping the contents at the height of freshness.
Good transparent providing good looking
Good tensile strength and puncture resistance
Multi-layer co-extrusion technology
The packaging usually using multi-layer structure in order to take advantage of a variety of polymer performance.The multi-layer co-extrusion technology was one kind of process which was formed multilayer structure thin film by variety of different polymers.It can to meet and solve food ,pharmaceutical and other industrial packaging special needs through consist advantages of all kinds of polymer chemistry and physics.We will always keep a technical lead special in PA/EVOH barrier packaging film field,and we will provide the best solution by customer different packaing requirements.
Hubei Hawking packaging material Co.,Ltd
Mobile:+86 13902279707
Add:Tong Yuan West Road Northwest Development Zone Da Ye Huangshi City Hubei Province ,PRC
HAWKING, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various packaging materials, now brings you the best quality frozen barrier cook-in shrink pouches with competitive price, which comes in superior abrasion and puncture resistance, as well as good heat resistance. Should you are interested in it, please be free to buy packaging products from our factory.Shrink pouches packagings manufacturers

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Laizhou Hengbang Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Laizhou of the Shandong Peninsula, with favorable geographical position and traffic facilities.
As a joint venture enterprise, We are well known for producing brake rotors and drums since 1996.Strictly implementing ISO/TS16949 certification, according to powerful technology team, rich development and manufacture experience, advanced computer auxiliary design and manufacture software and production and testing equipment, with strong capacity in casting and machining, we specialize in and offer a wide range of 2600 varieties of disc rotors, covering most of major models. We can produce and ship more than 36 million units high quality disc rotors to our customers. Depending on our high quality parts, our products are widely exported to Europe, north America, Middle East, Africa, etc.
In the principle of-quality first, credit formost-, we are making great efforts to become a famous and environment protection enterprise with scientific technologies and human resources We hope to establish mutual partnerships with world-wide customers and explore a new development way for auto parts industry.
Warmly welcome to contact us and visit our factory.
                              China Brake Disc For Mercedes Benz factory

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In nautical contexts, the assembly of wheel, axle, and supporting shell is referred to as a "block."
A pulley is a wheel on an axle or shaft, a block include two or more sheaves.
The fixed pulley only changes the direction of the force, it cannot help reduce effort.The movable pulley can not change the direction of force, but can save half of the force to pull the object. The pulley group combines the fixed pulley and the movable pulley, so that both the direction of the force can be changed and the object can be lifted very effortably. Excluding the extra work done in the use of the pulley block, the more effort the moving pulley will be.
Please be free to buy the best sheave block pulley with the best price with our professional China manufacturers and suppliers. And the customized products are also offered if you need.sheave block pulley suppliers

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Quick Details
Bamboo Round Coffee Cup Lid and Custom Lid
1.Easy to clean and maintain
2. Beautiful decoration at your home
Product nameBamboo Round Cup   Lid
Item No.MDFL1
Size Available
Color Natural
PackageShrinking wrap or other
Certificated SGS, FDA, LFGB ETC.
Original Fujian ,China
Samples time5-7 week days
logo designAvailable, as per customized request
ApplicationKitchenware storage

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