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Our History
With ten years of production experience, we at Hangzhou MacysHouseware Co., Ltd., pride ourselves in the production of the highest quality on the go drink-ware. But it doesn't begin or end with just the production. From glass bottles to ceramic mugs and even to plastic tumblers our products are designed, developed, and producedin-house at the highest standards. And all this is done with each of our customer's needs in mind.
With a growing market reach, we have built Macys upon being a global provider. We have an in-house multilingual trade team that is available to reach any and all potential customers wherever they may be. And with that in mind, each of our customers can be assured that they can and will be heard and treated with the best customer experience.
Our designs are modern and can meet any standard of fashion. Contemporary, classic, practical-we have the design team and the production staff to make your idea a sell able product. And that is foremost. Being there to hear our customer and translate their vision into an end result. With the experience and the knowledge, our design team is in place to facilitate the highest demands of production. And with a sizable production floor, the levels of production in accordance with the highest standards in quality control demand our products be the best.
Our Factory
Now MACYS have 2 factories in China(Investment and joint venture),We work closely with the best manufacturers in China.Most of them are TOP 10 in drink bottle. We continuously review and add to our factory portfolio every day!We will always secure quotes and samples from multiple manufacturers before selecting the right match for our customer.We continue to monitor our chosen manufacturers to ensure they remain the right match for price and product quality.Our vigilance in tracking currency fluctuations, raw material costs and labor costs enable us to advise our clients on forward purchasing or product adaptations to protect profitability.
Whether you are looking for a manufacturing base capable of producing a brand new product; seeking a factory with the ability to add new and innovative products to your ready established range, or simply looking for an alternative or more cost-effective source for established product, we feel sure we can help.
Our Product
1.Plastic Drink Bottle
2.Plastic Mug(Tumbler)
3.Porcelain Coffee Mug
4.Glass Drink Bottle
5.Stainless Steel Drink Bottle
6.Aluminum Drink Bottle
7.Silicon Drink Bottle
8.Thermos Flask
9.Thermal Mug
10. Bamboo Fiber Tableware
Our Certificate
Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Macys Sales managers can speak fluent English for good communication. Our main sales market:
European 45.00%
United State 25.00%
South America 15%
Southeast Asia 5%
Australia 5%
Other 5%
Our service
Design Service
Our team has experience in all field relating to product design and development.If yo have any needs for your new product or wish to make further improvements,we are here to offer our support.Branding & Positing.
One of the biggest worries when purchasing from a china supplier,especially for the first time,is that when the goods arrive-it's not what you wanted.
Our samples procedure takes away that worry completely!
Following your inquiry we will first ensure we understand your requirements completely-what material are acceptable/not acceptable;what finish is required;what packaging is preference etc.
All the MACYS,Research & Development is a key part of what we do,an what we offer to our clients....
New products often fail because of unanticipated market shifts that result in missed opportunities and misused channels of manufacture&distribution.Failures also occur strengths or the products' technological challenges.
Our professional design team has great ability in interpreting drawings and designing products.We promise to complete design plans within 7 working days according to your requirement.With years of design experience,we know precisely the tendencies of product development.Independent product research and design ability ensure competitiveness in the international market.
MACYS manufacturers are firstly qualified by a member of our supply team,
Whether the product is destined for a shelf in shore,to be sent to customers by mail orders or to be warehouse stored prior to use,one of the main concerns of buyer is "Will the packaging be suitable to my products?"Here at MACYS HOUSEWARE understand that the packaging is as important and bottles,and in some cases even more so ,than the product itself.Without packaging,Cadburys and Nestle could never sell and Easter egg!
We know that warehouse space can be expensive around the world.We also know that ,for one reason or another,factories often ask for a larger minimum order quantity than you would necessarily want to ship at one time.
We can help by operating split shipments.Meet the factory minimum order quantity but ship it in 2 or 3 shipments with required gas between.
We can offer the complete package from concept to delivery,arranging everything up until the point your product arrives at your own door or distribution hub ,Delivery can be offered.
-Utilizing your own freight-forwarder
Working closely with our customers we evaluate the success of our delivered product.With your valuable feedback we can begin to plan for.
-Modifications to the product for future orders
-Alternative products or suppliers
-Additions to a range
-ADDITIONS TO RANGEsilicon plastic ice ball price


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